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Let's get you selling more by leveraging LinkedIn and social selling the right way!

Are you working in sales, or perhaps you’re running a sales team or you’re an entrepreneur running your own business? Would you like to generate more sales leads and more importantly, more sales?

So many salespeople, sales teams and businesses are missing LOADS of sales opportunities by not utilising LinkedIn to its full potential. The problem is, it’s not that easy to do…

How do you build trust and credibility in front of your potential customers? How do you build a valuable audience on LinkedIn? How do you contact people on LinkedIn in such a way that generate meetings? How do you generate sales from LinkedIn?

In the Social Selling Masterclass, Daniel Disney will answer all those questions and many more!

Daniel Disney

Daniel Disney

LinkedIn and social
selling trainer

Daniel Disney is one of the world’s leading social selling and LinkedIn experts. With a LinkedIn audience of over 400,000+ followers, content reaching millions and £millions in sales generated directly from LinkedIn over the last 6 years, very few out there understand LinkedIn and Social Selling like Daniel does.

In 2018 alone his LinkedIn content reached 164,000,000 people and in 2019 he was named the #1 MOST influential sales expert in the world on LinkedIn. Daniel is now one of the most in-demand sales and social selling keynote speakers and trains sales teams all over the world how to leverage LinkedIn and social selling to its full potential.


If you want to make a living of your business and passion, you need to sell, sell and sell your product or service. Selling can be hard between all the salesmen and competitors in the same playground. And getting your LinkedIn and social selling game right, can take a lot of time and effort. Of course you can eventually get there and master the game, but it can take years if you are just starting.

So, why not kickstarting the process by learning how to leverage LinkedIn and social selling from an expert?

With over 600 million members and growing fast, LinkedIn has become the biggest professional social network in the world. For many salespeople and businesses, your prospects and customers are using LinkedIn every day and you now have an opportunity to leverage that to YOUR advantage!

Daniel Disney is one of the world’s leading social selling and LinkedIn experts and has achieved numbers that very few out there have. In his hugely popular social selling masterclass, you will learn how to use LinkedIn to its full potential to generate MORE sales, ENHANCE customer relationships and MODERNIZE your sales process.

You will learn how to:
  • build the ultimate Linkedin profile that generates sales;
  • connect and find anyone including potential customers using the search filters;
  • send effective LinkedIn messages that generates meetings;
  • find and create amazing content to share that generates sales;
  • turn likes and comments into sales meetings;
  • avoid wasting time on LinkedIn;
  • And so, so much more...!

Daniel is on a mission to help as many people as possible learn how to successfully sell on LinkedIn!
Why not enrol on the course and start learning how you can generate MORE sales today!

What is included?
Here is everything that you will get as part of the Online Social Selling Masterclass:

  • 60 Course Videos (over 8 hours);
  • 35 PDF Course Guides and Templates;
  • 4 Social Selling/LinkedIn eBooks;
  • Exclusive access to Social Selling Masterclass LinkedIn Group.

Want to know specifically what you will get for your money? Read on.



The first module is here to introduce you to what Social Selling is and how get the most from this course. You’ll learn the secrets of generating inbound AND outbound sales leads from LinkedIn, which social media networks to use and how to find your social “why”.

What you will get:
5 Social Selling Videos (28 Minutes);

> 1 PDF Social Selling Guide.


In the second module you’ll learn how to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile to generate more leads and how to build a super strong personal brand in your industry. You’ll learn how to craft the perfect profile headline, build a lead generating background, insert keywords into your profile, growing a personal brand and becoming an influencer on LinkedIn

What you will get:
14 Social Selling Videos (2 hours);

> 8 PDF Social Selling Guides.


In this module you will learn how to find your target customers through all of the amazing search and filter functions on LinkedIn, including Boolean Searching. You’ll then learn how to send effective connection requests that INCREASE the chance that the will accept. After that you’ll learn the secrets of sending effective LinkedIn messages that will generate sales leads and opportunities.

What you will get:
9 Social Selling Videos (1.35 Hours);

> 8 PDF Social Selling Guides (Including 25 LinkedIn Message Templates).


You will learn how to create and find the best engaging content to share with your audience. You’ll also learn how to CREATE amazing content on LinkedIn that will help boost your personal brand, grow your audience and most importantly generate you sales opportunities! You’ll learn the secrets to creating super LinkedIn videos, blogs, posts and more.

What you will get:
15 Social Selling Videos (2.15 Hours);

> 5 PDF Social Selling Guides (Including 30 LinkedIn Content Ideas).


The last module will cover different social selling strategies you can use right after completing the module.

What you will get:
> 15 Social Selling Videos (1.5 Hours);

> 6 PDF Social Selling Guides.

4 BONUSES if you buy today

LinkedIn Sales Navigator


You’ll get a tutorial video on LinkedIn Sales Navigator along with a top tip guide as well to help you get more from it! From extra search opportunities to lists and insights, Navigator packs loads of amazing extras that when you start using them properly, can help elevate your Social Selling game to the next level.

> Sales Navigator Tutorial Video (20 Minutes);
> Sales Navigator Top Tips PDF Guide.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator


You will get access to THREE paid Social Selling webinars from 2018 covering over 4 hours worth of video content! These videos include tonnes of amazing Social Selling insight, along with unique questions and answers from the audience as well.
> Social Selling Foundations (1 Hour);
> Selling With LinkedIn (1 Hour);
> The Ultimate Social Selling Webinar (2 Hours).



You will also get access to THREE additional bonus videos including a keynote talk, a social selling debate and a podcast interview with career overview of Daniel Disney.
> Why social selling is the future of sales;
> Social selling VS cold calling;
> Social selling / career overview.

Bonus eBooks


You will also get access to THREE EXTRA Social Selling eBooks:
> Becoming a LinkedIn influencer;
> Social selling in just 15 minutes per day;
The £1,000,000 LinkedIn message.

Companies trained include



I cannot praise Daniel highly enough. Daniel's Social Selling Masterclass was an extremely useful learning exercise for our team. He had extensive knowledge on possible techniques that could be applied to our business. And provided exceptionally detailed training and insight on social selling, which we were able to put into practice immediately. Daniel's attitude and personality were exemplary. He displayed a good knowledge of the subject and built up a rapport with the attendees in no time. Daniel was a brilliant tutor, excellent quality of delivery, depth of knowledge and also communicated really well with all delegates. Pacing, delivery, passion for the subject and level of knowledge were/are excellent. Our team thoroughly enjoyed this course and learned a great deal from the day spent at our HQ. We thought the Masterclass was worth every penny and will certainly use him again. Thank you again Daniel and keep up the great work you're doing in this space.

Tim Johnson


CSO at Visualsoft

Sarah Mueller

I recently took part in one of Daniel's Social Selling Masterclass courses and can't recommend it highly enough! He's absolutely brilliant in what he's doing! Daniel shared a lot of very interesting insights and gave helpful advice on social selling. On top of having learned so much, I experienced Daniel as very approachable, down to earth and helpful. Thank you Daniel, for all the stories, tips and wisdom you've shared with us! 🙂

Sarah Mueller


Business Development Manager at BSO

Gavin Dawson

If Social selling is your game, then Daniel Disney is the name you need to know!! A fantastically engaging and insightful workshop, Daniel really knows how to help you get the most from it! Every member of our team got something worthwhile from it and within days we have all been trying new techniques and venturing into the seeming scary world of Blogs and Vlogs (it's not as scary as it first seems!) I cannot rate Daniels workshop highly enough and it is a must for anybody looking to improve their social media performance.

Gavin Dawson


Head of Sales Emerson Ltd

Laura Eaton

What can I say about Daniel Disney? Well he has 15+ years of sales management experience which is evident from his truly beneficial Social Selling Masterclass which I have attended in London. I couldn't rate this highly enough for those starting out or growing the way they tap into Social Selling. Daniel is one of the top influencers in the sales industry and has provided me with a well needed sales toolkit where I can see results already! Daniel is not only a fellow southerner but has become a friend I can trust with any of my sales questions. Daniel provides not only me but the University of Portsmouth with a lot of expertise which is now being used and for our students. I have learnt so much from Daniel, a very enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated sales trainer with lots of clear examples to get from A-B. I couldn't recommend Daniel Disney highly enough and I am glad I have had the pleasure in meeting him this year! #powerofnetworking

Laura Eaton


Business Development Executive at Portsmouth University

Learn how you can start generating MORE sales leads, pipeline and closed deals too through the power of social selling & LinkedIn by joining today!


If you’re looking to leverage LinkedIn to generate sales opportunities then this is the course for you. This course will show you how to build the ultimate profile that generates sales, find and connect with anyone, share and create super effective content and turn everything social into pipeline and sales.
No not at all, in fact this course is built to show you all of the amazing opportunities within the FREE LinkedIn account. Sales Navigator is an amazing tool though, and for those that do have it, this course will show you how to generate even more from it.
Definitely not, this course will show you how you can start generating sales from LinkedIn with as little as 15 minutes per day. Even I myself spend no more than 1 hour on LinkedIn per day. I’ll show you how to generate the biggest results with as minimal time investment as possible.
Yes, if you have 10 or more people you would like to enrol onto this course please get in touch and we will be able to offer a discounted rate based on the total number of users.
Unfortunately no, you won’t be able to get a refund after you buy this course. Due to the nature of online courses, as soon as you have paid for it you will have access to the full course. Please make sure you are 100% confident this is the right course for you and if you have any questions before buying please do get in touch.
The course will start from the moment you have paid for it and you will get 12 months access to the course. You can extend it past the 12 months, for more information email contact@thedailysales.net.
Yes, a lot of companies will bring me in to either spend 1-2 days training the team or to do a kickoff session for their event, getting the team pumped up to then work through the online masterclass course. For more information and prices please get in touch.
Yes, if you would like to process the course payment via invoice this can be done. You will then gain access as soon as that invoice has been paid in full. Please email for more details – contact@thedailysales.net.

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